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*Study Abroad Advising Paused Until July*

Study Abroad Advising will be on hold starting May 13 until mid-July. Prior Study Abroad Coordinator, Gracie Pekarcik, has transitioned into another role in the Smith Center. A new Study Abroad Coordinator will be starting on July 1, 2024. For pressing study abroad questions and concerns, please contact Dr. David Ader at

Study abroad advising is available for all students looking to explore study abroad options, apply to specific programs, identify scholarships, prepare for travel, etc. Schedule a meeting time with Herbert Study Abroad Coordinator or drop into the Smith Center.

Questions to Ask

What types of international programs am I eligible for? What international program is the best fit for me?
How will I get approval and/or credit for my international program?
What are the financial considerations for my international program of interest?
Where can I find more information about scholarships and funding for my program?

What classes do I have to complete on campus?
What core or major requirements can I complete abroad?
What remaining prerequisites must I fulfill, and how will an international experience impact my progress?
How many elective credit hours do I have remaining in my degree?
Are there any in-residence requirements I need to be aware of before I go abroad?

How do loans work for international programs?
What kinds of aid/loans do I currently receive, and are there any restrictions on this aid if I study abroad?
Have I reached the maximum of (name of) loan allowed per academic year?
When will funds be released for my term of participation?
How will additional scholarships impact my financial aid?

Types of Study Abroad Programs

UTIA offers students interested in studying abroad five different types of programs:
faculty-directed, affiliate, exchange, direct, and academic internships.

Faculty-Directed Programs
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UT faculty-directed programs allow you to study abroad under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member with a group of other UT students.
Semester-Length Programs
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Semester-length programs are among the most immersive types of study abroad experience. For an entire Fall or Spring semester, or an academic year, students can choose to study abroad with an affiliat
International Internships
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International internships enable you to gain practical work experience in a wide variety of fields while earning academic credit

Scholarships and Funding

Education abroad can be very affordable, but it’s important to do your research to make sure the program you choose fits you—both academically and financially. We encourage you to start planning early.

Plan ahead

  • Start your search early! You can often apply for education abroad scholarships, grants, etc., before you have applied or are accepted into your program.
  • Your existing financial aid package and scholarships may be applied to approved education abroad programs.
  • Talk to One Stop Student Services to understand the cost of your UT education as well as how you currently finance it. For some scholarships you will need to demonstrate financial need through the submission of a FAFSA.

Check out the Program Abroad Office’s Budgeting Tools

Study Abroad Scholarships
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Internal and external scholarships available to Herbert and CVM students
Using current scholarships
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If you currently receive a scholarship, you may be able to apply it to your study abroad program.
Financial Aid FAQ
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Common financial aid and scholarship questions
Smith Center Spring Break Scholarship Deadline