Semester Programs

Semester Abroad as a Herbert Student


Semester-length programs are among the most immersive types of study abroad experience. For an entire Fall or Spring semester, or academic year, students can choose to study abroad with an affiliate, exchange, or direct enroll program. Courses taken abroad can be transferred back into a students’ UT degree.


Spring Semester Deadlines: Mid-late October
Summer Deadlines: Early-to-mid March
Fall Semester Deadlines: Mid-late March

Each program will have its own unique application deadline. Please check to find specific dates.

Students studying abroad for a semester are required to submit a Request for Transfer Credit Form as part of their pre-departure application. Forms, with course syllabi, can be submitted to the Center for Student Engagement & Success for review and approval.

Semester Request for Transfer Credit Form Deadlines
December 1: Spring Semester
April 30: Summer Term
June 1: Fall Semester

Transfer credit is subject to change and must be reviewed on an individual basis with a student’s academic advisor

The following programs tend to be a good academic fit for many Herbert College of Agriculture majors. If you are interested in exploring semester options beyond this list, please visit the Vols Abroad Portal program search. Additionally, please contact UTIA study abroad coordinator, Gracie Pekarcik, as she will work with you to find the program and coursework that best meets your personal and academic goals.

Programs by Region

CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Gaborone, Botswana

With an array of courses in African languages, biological and environmental sciences, business, education, engineering, media studies, and more, Gaborone – or Gab as it’s locally known – is a fantastic place to advance your academics and connect with the people of Botswana.

CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Legon, Ghana

Immerse yourself in Ghanaian life by enrolling in courses with local and international students at CIEE’s partner school, University of Ghana – ranked 7th best university in Africa for its focus on humanities, basic and applied sciences, education, and health sciences. Students can take a full course load at University of Ghana or combine courses with CIEE electives including options for internships.

IES Abroad Cape Town – University of Cape Town

In Cape Town, every day will be like a choose-your-own-adventure book, with outdoor activities to enjoy, South African residents to meet, and African cultures to learn. Participate in field work and research opportunities that will give you practical exposure to topics you’re learning at South Africa’s leading research university, the University of Cape Town (UCT). Through these opportunities, you will get a first-hand look at the city’s society and a landscape that is constantly changing.

SIT Study Abroad Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology

Explore the balance between ecological concerns and socioeconomic objectives in the vast wilderness expanses of northern Tanzania. As you learn ecological field techniques and national park management, you’ll see how human development and population growth affect natural habitats and vice versa. You’ll learn to reframe notions of sustainability in relation to local population needs, perspectives, and values.

SIT Study Abroad Tanzania: Zanzibar Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management

Explore ecology, natural resource management and sustainability in Tanzania-Zanzibar, on the islands of Unguja, Mafia, and Pemba in the Western Indian Ocean, and mainland Tanzania. Zanzibar’s extensive shoreline, unique flora and fauna, and tropical climate are ideal for exploring conservation and management of coral reefs, inter-tidal zones, and tropical forests.

Mahidol University International College (Exchange)

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) is the international component of one of Thailand’s oldest universities – resting in a thriving campus town and residential suburb of Bangkok, and surrounded by a wealth of attractions from the sacred Buddhist Park to the magnificent Aksa Road decorated with hundreds of mythical creatures to the fresh traditional Thai market. MUIC offers courses in English for Environmental Science and Food Science & Technology.

TEAN: Semester in Shanghai

TEAN has joined together with one of the most prestigious universities in China, Fudan University to offer students a comprehensive semester abroad in one of China’s leading cities. The Semester in Shanghai offers a challenging, yet supportive environment with more than 120 courses available in English that cover a variety of subjects, from business to recreation & tourism management, in addition to studying Mandarin – the most spoken language in the world

TEAN: Semester in Thailand

Experience the thrill of studying and living in Bangkok, Thailand’s sprawling capital city and a global hub of culture, commerce and cuisine. Though Bangkok is a major metropolis, this semester program is the least expensive of all TEAN offerings and offers students a surprisingly affordable cost of living. Study at Mahidol University International College (MUIC), the English-speaking arm of the esteemed Mahidol University, taking a variety of classes in English along with your Thai peers.

TEAN: Semester in Vietnam

Study at the first international university in Vietnam while living in the country’s vibrant, multicultural heart of Ho Chi Minh City. An Australian institution, RMIT is known for its cutting-edge technology, science and design programs that provide plenty of practical training, research and hands-on practice. The modern Vietnam campus draws students particularly interested in STEM courses, Fashion, Digital Design (like 3D animation), Business, Communications, and Hospitality and Tourism

USAC Korea: Gwangju – Undergraduate Courses

Live and study in Gwangju, the sixth largest city in one of the most rapidly developing nations in East Asia, to fully enjoy the beautiful natural habitat, delicious cuisine, and rich artistic history of southwestern Korea. Explore one of Korea’s most historic and culturally vibrant cities. Gwangju is home to cultural festivals, art biennales, important historical sites and it’s the birthplace of the modern democratic movement.

USAC Korea: Seoul – Undergraduate Studies (Yonsei University)

Choose to study at Yonsei University, one of the Top 150 World Universities as ranked by Times Higher Education and enjoy its beautiful and tranquil campus located in the heart of the city. Choose from a diverse range of courses at Yonsei or Kookmin while living in in one of the most “wired” cities in the world.

UT in Melbourne

The University of Tennessee Knoxville has partnered with TEAN to offer a variety of hand-selected study abroad programs in Australia. With coursework available in a variety of disciplines you will find this a greatly rewarding and challenging experience. Melbourne (population almost 4 million), is Australia’s 2nd largest city and capital of the south-eastern state of Victoria. 

UT in Sydney

The University of Tennessee Knoxville has partnered with TEAN to offer a variety of hand-selected study abroad programs in Australia. With coursework available in a variety of disciplines you will find this a greatly rewarding ad challenging experience. Sydney (population over 4 million), is Australia’s oldest and largest city. Sydney combines a lively and multicultural vibe with a relaxed outdoorsy feel.

UT on the Gold Coast

The University of Tennessee Knoxville has partnered with TEAN to offer a variety of hand-selected study abroad programs in Australia. With coursework available in a variety of disciplines you will find this a greatly rewarding ad challenging experience. Gold Coast (population over 550,000) is famous for its surf beaches, national parks, waterways and mountain ranges.

SIT Study Abroad Australia: Sustainability and Environmental Action

Surrounded by the inspiring beauty of Australia’s World Heritage areas, investigate sustainable ways of protecting the environment and promoting equality. With poor soils, unique organisms, and a climate governed largely by El Niño, Australia has keenly felt the effects of climate change. From your base two blocks from the beach in the small coastal town of Byron Bay, you’ll explore Australia’s burgeoning permaculture and sustainable farming initiatives.

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury (UC) established in 1873, is New Zealand’s second oldest university. More than 12,000 students call UC home, including over 1,000 international students. UC offers courses in 70+ subjects, in its five colleges: Arts; Education, Health and Human Development; Engineering; Science; and Business and Law. Some popular subjects include sports coaching, health, exercise science, business, education, liberal arts, forestry science, and Maori studies.

USAC New Zealand: Massey University

Massey University operates three campuses located in different cities on the North Island of New Zealand: Palmerston North, Auckland, and Wellington. Each campus offers a unique environment in which to study and immerse yourself in the local culture. New Zealand semesters differ from those in the U.S. You may participate in one or two semesters; Semester 1 runs from February to June and Semester 2 runs from July to November. Each of the three cities in which you can choose to study with Massey University have abundant opportunities to immerse yourself in Kiwi culture.

UT in Barcelona

Barcelona (pop. 1.5 million) is the heart and capital of the region of Cataluña in the northeast corner of Spain. The University of Tennessee-Knoxville has partnered with ISA to offer a variety of hand-selected study abroad programs in Spain. With coursework available in a variety of disciplines, taught in English and any level of Spanish, you will find this a greatly rewarding and challenging experience.

UT in Florence

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has partnered with Lorenzo de’ Medici to offer you a study abroad program in the great city of Florence. Founded in 1973 in Florence, Instituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) is among Italys most comprehensive and well-established international institutions in higher education. The educational opportunities at each of LdMs three sites are deeply rooted in their surrounding environments, allowing students to experience first-hand the inspiring culture of both historical and contemporary Italy.

CEA Galway, Ireland – NUI Galway

Choose from National University of Ireland, Galway’s (NUIG) entire—and extensive—course catalog. Take courses to fulfill your major or graduation requirements, or choose electives in your areas of academic or professional interest. This versatile, flexible program allows you to immerse into the Irish higher education system and study alongside Irish and other international students.

DIS – Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ignite your love of learning, further your academic achievements, develop intercultural understanding, and acquire life skills essential for engaged citizenship. Choose a Core Course from 26 academic programs and select from over 200 upper-level elective courses. Your freedom of choice extends to your housing, where you apply for living arrangements that best fit you. Discover Copenhagen and meet the unexpected. 

DIS – Study Abroad in Stockholm, Sweden

Ignite your love of learning, further your academic achievements, develop intercultural understanding, and acquire life skills essential for engaged citizenship. Choose a Core Course from 26 academic programs and select from over 200 upper-level elective courses. Your freedom of choice extends to your housing, where you apply for living arrangements that best fit you. Discover Stockholm and meet the unexpected. 

IES Abroad Freiburg – Environmental Studies & Sustainability

The environmental movement took root in Freiburg long ago–and now it’s a way of life. Known for taking the lead in the development of eco-friendly technologies and architecture, Freiburg also attracts researchers and environmental organizations from around the world. This English-taught program allows you to explore topics in Environmental Studies, Forest Ecology, and Sustainability while living in Freiburg, a well-known center for environmental innovation.

ISA EuroScholars: Research Study Abroad in Europe

The EuroScholars Undergraduate Research Program allows you to spend a semester at one Europe’s leading universities participating in a professional academic research project and learning the language and culture of your host country. Research opportunities exist in many fields including liberal arts/humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. Gaining research experience at an undergraduate level will give you invaluable academic experience and set you apart from other applicants if applying to graduate school or research-related work

Keele University (Exchange)

Keele University is located in the city of Keele: the heart of England, 40 minutes from Manchester, an hour from Birmingham, and a short 1.5 hour train ride from London. The campus is situated on a beautiful 600 acre site with extensive woods, lakes and parkland in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, combining the best of both worlds: the rolling English countryside with busy city life just a short train ride away!

SIT Study Abroad: Iceland and Greenland: Climate Change and the Arctic 

The power of nature is evident in Iceland. Here you’ll study the causes of climate change and its impacts on the critical environment of the Arctic and the entire planet. Visit renewable energy centers, glaciers and awe-inspiring scenery. Witness the astonishing beauty of glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, geothermal fields, highlands, lava flows, rugged coastline, and waterfalls.

University College Dublin (Direct)

University College Dublin (UCD) is located just minutes from the heart of Dublin: the gateway to Europe. Known to be one of the most energized capital cities in all of Europe, Dublin is made of a friendly, well-educated population and home to over 1,000 leading multinational companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. UCD offers an Agriculture & Food Science study abroad program and a well-renowned Pre-Vet study abroad program.

University of Bonn (Exchange)

Bonn University, with a student body of around 37,000 students, is located in the city of Bonn. It is one of Germany’s largest institutions and hosts more than 4,800 international students from all over the world. Students can enroll in a large number of disciplines as well as in special German language courses. There’s always something going on whether it’s at one of the numerous museums, exhibitions, concerts, theaters, open air festivals and many other events.

University of Hannover (Exchange)

The University of Hannover is considered one of the best technical schools in both Germany and in Europe. The beautiful, historic campus, founded in the 1831, features the largest technical and science libray in the world. Students can take a variety of courses within the nine faculties at the university, which feature over 90 disciplines. Similarly to UT, about 28,000 students attend the University of Hannover

University of Liverpool (Direct)

A thrilling world city, Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles, the fastest growing city in the UK outside London, and is home to the UK’s oldest Chinese community. 80 languages are spoken here! The University of Liverpool is a world-class research powerhouse and has a very strong international student community.

University of Nottingham (Exchange)

The University of Nottingham is not only located in one of the UK’s most affordable locations of Nottingham, England – it is also ranked in the world’s top 100 universities! Offering all the buzz of a big city, Nottingham is one of the UK’s most cosmopolitan: combining proud history with cutting-edge modernity, from the world’s oldest pub to designer boutiques.

USAC England: Reading

The Reading program allows you to enroll in a full range of University of Reading courses in a variety of disciplines on one of the most beautiful campuses in the United Kingdom. Reading is the embodiment of more than 1,000 years of history combined with all the assets of a modern, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city. 

CIEE Sustainability and the Environment in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Watch your Spanish skills bloom in Monteverde as you dig into today’s pressing environmental issues. Take four required content courses focused on environmental studies and sustainability, as well as a Spanish language course at your placement level at CIEE Monteverde. Learn in the classroom and field, and travel within Costa Rica to places that most visitors never see.

CIEE Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Explore the biodiversity in Monteverde’s Cloud Forest Reserve, beaches, waterfalls, and more – all while building on your Spanish language skills. Take courses on tropical ecology, and a Spanish language course appropriate to your skills at CIEE– Monteverde. Work on an independent research project in tropical ecology or conservation, from observation and data collection to a presentation of your findings 

ISA San Jose, Costa Rica: Environmental Studies

Veritas University is an independent private university, fully accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and authorized by the National Council of Private Higher Education. The University is renowned in Costa Rica for its design, art, architecture and photography programs. Open to students at all levels of Spanish, this program is an excellent option for those who want to advance their Spanish proficiency while also fulfilling environmental studies, health science, or liberal arts credit.

USAC Costa Rica: Heredia

The Heredia program is ideal for students who are committed to learning the Spanish language, the diverse cultures of Latin America, and delve into Ecological Studies. Through formal coursework and personal interaction with the host culture, you will greatly expand your language skills and knowledge of Costa Rican society. 

SIT Study Abroad/IHP Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy Justice

Travel across four countries (Morocco, Nepal, Peru, United States) to witness the causes and social impacts of climate change and examine possibilities for local and global environmental justice. Explore some of the world’s most productive and vulnerable landscapes to witness how climate change impacts regions differently and how communities are responding to the climate crisis. In four cultural and socio-ecological contexts, you’ll analyze the challenges of working toward more equitable food, water, and energy policies.

UT Open Campus Semester

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has partnered with CIEE to offer you a study abroad program like no other. With coursework available in a variety of disciplines, taught in English, you will find this a greatly rewarding and challenging experience.The UT Open Campus program offers you flexibility to engage and experience multiple countries in your own way on their open campus block program. Each block is six weeks, where you choose two courses per block, and you have the flexibility of small, hands-on, and highly focused classes. The programs let you stay in one place or among the network of cities available.