Ignite Fund

Want to get connected with and involved in UTIA international activities? The UTIA faculty and staff Ignite fund provides matching funds for faculty and staff to grow ongoing UTIA international projects and programs. This fund provides up to $1,000 to a faculty or staff member to support international travel to a location in which UTIA is developing or has ongoing projects and programs.

Ignite Fund Application

  • All UTIA faculty and staff are eligible to receive an award one time per calendar year.
  • Faculty and staff with appointments in any of the four UTIA units (AgResearch, Herbert, CVM, UT Extension) or with appointments in a UTIA service unit (e.g. IT, Marketing and Communications, Advancement, Facilities and Services, etc.) are all eligible to apply.
  • Ignite funds must be matched 1:1 by a UTIA faculty or staff member, and/or a dean, department head or director.
  1. Interested UTIA faculty or staff should first review the list of international engagement opportunities available on this page.
  2. Those interested are encouraged and welcome to schedule an in-person or Zoom meeting with the UTIA Smith International Center faculty and staff to discuss opportunities in more-depth before applying.
  3. Any UTIA faculty or staff interested in these funds should complete the application form, and then either send this form via email to utiaglobal@utk.edu or drop the completed form off at 101 McCord Hall with a member of the UTIA Smith International Center team.
Clark in Belize

Applications for funds to travel on a project/program not on the list of opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This includes applications for funds to develop a new Herbert or CVM study abroad course.   Up to $1,000 per individual may be requested. These funds must be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

Application for Ignite Fund

  • As opportunities to engage in international opportunities occur on a rolling basis, applications will also be received and reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Funds will be expended based on the merit of applications.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Smith International Center team with consultation from deans, department heads, directors and the UTIA International Advisory Council.
  • Applications will be reviewed based on fit with UTIA ongoing international activities and potential for strengthening an individual’s ongoing teaching, research, Extension, and service activities.
  • Once funds are fully expended for the calendar year, no more funds will be available until the next calendar year. UTIA Smith International Center expects to fund up to 20 matched travel awards per calendar year.
  • No more than one application per individual will be funded per calendar year. Individuals are allowed and encouraged to apply again in subsequent years.
Dave Ader working with people in Cambodia

Ignite Funds Recipients

Dr. Ricardo Videla speaking to a group of people

Dr. Ricardo Videla, Large Animal Clinical Associate Professor, UTCVM, received Smith Center Ignite Funding to travel to South America and develop a veterinary rotation course in northern Argentina. Videla presented at the International Camelid Conference held at the University of Jujuy and had multiple meetings with researchers and extension agents from the National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA).

Videla selected the remote pastoralist community of Ambra Pampa in Jujuy for veterinary practicums. The clinical rotation will expose senior veterinary students to the challenges associated with practicing veterinary medicine in an under served, rural community in a foreign country. The students will be able to practice hands on skills in small and large animal species and help households reduce animal losses and improve productivity. Prior to visiting Argentina, students will be required to complete an online module introducing the culture of the community and the animal diseases that are more prevalent in the area. Dr. Videla and CVM colleague Dr. Martin-Jimenez also offer a Spanish course for veterinarians during the spring semester which all students will be encouraged to take.

Person in Argentina tending to their flock
Argentine Family at their home