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Partnership in Haiti Presents New Opportunities for Collaboration

The Smith Center has partnered with the University of Jérémie (UJ) through the support of UT alumni Bill and Dianne Seeley. UJ is a private university located in the Grand’Anse in southwestern Haiti. It offers bachelor degrees in agriculture, business administration, nursing, and theology.  This education presents a pathway for its graduates to secure higher paying jobs, pursue graduate studies, and serve in leadership roles in their communities. Hans Goertz and Sara Mulville have undertaken an organizational assessment to identify challenges and opportunities facing the university. They are also supporting UJ to develop a strategic plan based on the results of the assessment and providing capacity building for fundraising. The Smith Center is exploring other areas for collaboration between UJ and UT, including virtual and in-person educational exchanges, that would bring in other members of the UT community

The Université de Jérémie was founded to meet these needs in one of the most remote regions of the country. UJ is located in the western corner of the southern peninsula of Haiti, outside the city of Jérémie, the capital city of the Grand’Anse Department. The metro population of Jérémie is about 30,000 with approximately 102,000 included in the area surrounding Jérémie. Approximately 468,301 people reside in the Grand’Anse department, out of the total population of Haiti of 11.5 million.

Contact Hans Goertz or Sara Mulville for more information.

Current Partners

  • Bill and Dianne Seeley Foundation
  • University of Jérémie