Strategic Plan

We are fulfilling our mission by cultivating greater global engagement across all faculty, staff and students at UT, increasing strategic global collaboration with partners, and communicating the importance of UTIA’s global work.


We target these Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as our framework for grand challenges:

We operationalize our framework through strategic partnerships with:

-Beltway / development firms
-Government agencies and ministries
-Private sector
-Think tanks


Our goal for the future is to increase our efforts in these three areas in order to have a greater impact not only across campus, but also in addressing the issues facing agriculture around the world. Learn more about the tactics we are using to achieve our objectives below!

1. Develop student champions and alumni network

2. Develop faculty champions


Fifty percent or more of Herbert students graduate with a global experience
Fifteen percent or more of CVM students graduate with a global experience
Significant increase in student Global Citizenship score
Significant increase in faculty Global Citizenship score

  1. Develop a network of strategic partnerships across the University of Tennessee, the US, and the world
  2. Assist UTIA faculty to secure funding, lead, participate in and implement innovative international projects


Double the total external funding secured for projects with international components (3 year average)
Double the number of international projects / programs in implementation phase at UTIA
Host twenty or more international fellows at UTIA per year

  1. Tell the story of global engagement at UTIA
    • Disseminate lessons learned from projects to new partners and populations
    • Meet with donor agencies and partners, nationally and internationally
    • Communicate to UT, its partners and alum
    • Develop robust online media presence plus web and print publications
  2. Recognition of faculty and students
    • Internal awards
    • Nominate for and highlight external awards and honors


Increase following and engagement across all social media platforms and website
Increase output and distribution of written content on global engagement across and outside of the university
Recognize faculty, staff and students at UTIA for global engagement
Nominate and secure recognition for faculty and students with prestigious national and international awards for global work