Veterinary Medicine International Programs

International Veterinary Rotations and Study Abroad Programs

Students at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) have several opportunities for international educational opportunities outside the United States. Planned programs include elective courses with academic credit, research experience, externships and university exchange collaboratives. In addition, many educational opportunities arise throughout a students the year for students.

Third- and fourth-year CVM students have the opportunity to participate in international rotations to develop their global expertise. The first international veterinary rotation was led by Dr. Andrew Cushing with seven CVM students spending two weeks working with the Belize Zoo in October 2019. There are now a range of veterinary rotations, externships, and pre-clinicals available to CVM students.

Current CVM Programs
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Rural Veterinary Medicine Externship
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Clinical Rotation with the Belize Zoo
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Applied One Health Pre-Clinical Experience

Additional Information

For more information on international experiences within CVM, please contact the following individuals:

Andrew Cushing Profile Page
Andrew Cushing
Clinical Associate Professor, Small Animal

Contact for: Belize

Gracie Pekarcik Profile Page
Gracie Pekarcik
Study Abroad Coordinator, Smith International Center

Contact for: Student Advising, Program Development

Marcy Jan Souza Profile Page
Marcy Jan Souza
Professor & Associate Dean, Veterinary Medicine Administration

Contact for: Galapagos

Ricardo Videla Profile Page
Ricardo Videla
FR-Adj Clinical Assoc Professor, Large Animal

Contact for: Argentina

Adam Sage Willcox Profile Page
Adam Sage Willcox
Research Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources

Contact for: Belize, Program Development