2019 Zamorano Student Interns

2019 Zamoramo Group

2019 Zamorano student interns: (left to right) Nathaly Vargas Arroyo, Andrea Beatriz Salazar Bonilla, Juan Fernando Cordero Llarena, Josue Raul Montenegro and José Roberto Garcia Gamez.
These top undergraduates represent the third cohort UTIA has hosted from Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School (Escuela Agrícola Panamericana El Zamorano), a leading agricultural university located in Honduras.​ January 2019 marked the start of their 15-week internship experience, enabling them to fulfill a graduation requirement and gain hands-on experience in a new context.

Andrea Beatriz Salazar Bonilla

Name: Andrea Beatriz Salazar Bonilla
UTIA Department/Center: Smith Center for International Sustainable Agriculture
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Dave Ader and Sara Mulville

Josue Raul Montenegro

Name: Josue Raul Montenegro
UTIA Department: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tao Wu

José Roberto Garcia Gamez

Name: José Roberto Garcia Gamez
UTIA Department: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Curtis Luckett

Juan Fernando Cordero Llarena

Name: Juan Fernando Cordero Llarena
UTIA Department​: Animal Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Phillip Myer

Nathaly Vargas Arroyo

Name: Nathaly Vargas Arroyo
UTIA Department: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jiajia Chen

Zamorano campus

Zamorano campus